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why do people need drama ??

my boyfriend and his group of friends all have a flare for drama and such. i have never met people who can create drama out of nothing. if it is something real, they blow it out of proportion. i’m really fucking sick and tired of being pulled into shit like this and i want to be supportive of my boyfriend with his issues but sometimes i really see no point in any of it. my boyfriend is really shy except around his friends and me. i’m just sick of hearing what happens week to week, my life is stressful enough and i don’t need ruthless and useless drama in my life. they are all part of this religion that makes their lives a lot harder and their parents very strict to they get out very little, so maybe they just need something to not keep their lives dry and keep it exciting but isn’t life and high school more important than having to tiptoe around your friends who are tight all the time ? the only reason i say that they invite the drama and need it, is because if they really cared about themselves and actually hated the drama like they said they did, they would find new friends !! ugh. fuck.


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  1. Sarah

    Girl leave his sorry ass and say, “I’m leaving you so you can make up a fake drama story about it yo all of your fake friends! Bye hoe” lmao that’s kinda extreme but you get the point

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