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Why do we need to know why?

I just really don’t get it. You might ask what I don’t get, why I don’t get it or how I don’t get it but quite honestly, I don’t get it. I don’t even know what ‘it’ is, if it even means anything. I don’t know if words actually make sense or we just believe that they do. I don’t know if the fucking sky is blue or if we were just told that it was. Maybe it’s green. Maybe it doesn’t have a colour. Maybe it isn’t actually there. I don’t get why we were put on this planet, which I know nobody really understands. We all have different views to this topic, with different reasons and moral answers that are supposed to be the reason for our existence. For me, it just doesn’t cut it! I find myself at school, wondering why I am even sitting in the chair. Or why it feels like I am sitting in the chair. Why are we wasting our what we call time educating ourselves and working and creating civilization when we don’t actually have a reason to? We don’t know anything! Our beliefs and what we call thoughts could theoretically be false, a made-up illusion that we have created and evolved over time to be the story of life. What is life? I don’t know, is there a life? Is anybody else really confused on how we even obtain knowledge and how we know it really happened? We all have voices inside of our heads, different interpretations of the world we have surrounded ourselves in. How could there be the same purpose for everyone when we don’t even agree upon everything? Why are we so curious about everything when we don’t even know the most basic question- why are we here? We don’t know the answer to this and we still live life, yet we question everything else? I don’t get it. I don’t get what it is or why it is there or how we know it is there…I am confusing myself and it’s kinda scaring the shit out of me..


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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t get anything either. Why do we even exist? Maybe we’re meant to slowly destroy the planet and ourselves to let it begin again? I don’t know.

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