I met this guy and we became friends and I really want to become better friends with him. He’s grown up in an area where people mask their true feelings and usually are unwilling to expose their weaknesses and so it’s made him really defensive and feel the need to show his dominance.

One late night together has shown me that he does show feelings as he was about to apologize to someone for acting out and before that, I came up to him to show support and he looked like he was about to cry right there. I just wanted to give him the biggest hug and I did <3

also im sure this rant makes no sense but this is honestly more for me to hash out my feelings than for anyone else

afterwards be hung out as a group in the dorm lobby until 3am just talking about life and being emotional

on the way to the plane we were on the same car ride there and we sat together, and I just wanted to lie on him and we went through security together and I even went tothe other airline's gate for him lol. basically I want to show him love and help him realize that the world is a place where he has friends– he joked that he had no friends but I realized that he really doesn't have many or any close friends, and that's really taken a toll on him.

I want to see him again but he lives across the country and I never go to his state 🙁
Just want to see him so badly I miss him greatly.