First I am not and english speaker so please I am sorry if there are some grammatical error.
Second, I write this to reduce my stres… and I am sure I would never visit this post after I wite.

So the thing is I have failed getting 2 scholarship, 1 is just right now, and the other one is last year. The thing is I didn’t really know where did I do wrong… The first scholarship said I didn’t “pass” the seminar test (so we basically attended a seminar and answerings some questions about the seminar, but the QnA are almost inrelateable…

the second one, is just right now I didn’t pass the documents test where they are basically asking only academic transcript… and online form… My GPA is 3.45 and got 2 Cs before but I don’t think that is bad… or not? My TOEFL level is 560 for PBT. And besides that we didn’t need to send motivation letter and all so I am pretty shocked.

I just wanna rant so that is. Thank you for whoever read this. I hope you have a good day 🙂