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Why I left the Mormon church

First of all. Attached is a photo of what I looked like back when I was 14. Compare how that would go with most Mormon girls with long pretty hair and perfect makeup.

I left the Mormon church after being raised into it. Why did I do this? I thought Mormons where some of the nicest people on earth. (And most of them are) but soon I came to realize Mormons are some of the most critical and proud people ever. They judged me for drinking tea and coffee (which is considered against the word of wisdom-health guidelines) when I was a young teen the girls in my ward made fun of me and gave me snotty looks every time I came to an activity. Why? I was different. Most Mormon girls look the same. (I don’t mean to stereotype people but this is beyond true) long pretty hair, clothes that go past your knees, decent amount of makeup, always looking like a fucking angel. But I hated makeup. I was the biggest tomboy. I hated all things girly (mom, it wasn’t a phase) my hair was pixie short and i hung out with the guys. I hated being around the girls. They made fun of me for this, thought I was trying to get attention. Well I was always a sensitive person so I didn’t take it to well. Thanks to those people. I got depression, social anxiety and had no friends. Why the hell would you spread rumors about someone you barely knew to a School they didn’t even go to?! Nonetheless, I didn’t believe in things they told me. I was taught in Sunday school that having sex outside of marriage was worse then killing someone or being a terrorist-you fucking serious?!-I was told so many things that sounded like pure bullshit to me. So I left. Do I believe in God? Yes, yes I do. But not in the way they do. I don’t believe god is a person. I think God to me, is a universal energy, or even nature. But i don’t know. So I don’t worry about it. Mormon church, you got fucking issues. I don’t hate you. But i really dislike you


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m Mormon. please don’t judge all of us off of this one thing. I can respect why you left, I just don’t want people to think that we’re all bad people. I’ve never been taught some of the things you said, though I agree that some other girls are rather rude and snotty. I have many friends that are gay or bi, and I don’t judge them. I don’t judge them when they drink coffee, I don’t judge them when they curse, because they’re my friends, and I’ll love them anyways.

  2. Andi Ross

    I don’t understand why people make fun of the cutest people out there holy shit. Youre fucking adorable (and even though you may never check this) and I agree with the first guy that you’re “totally doable.”

    I understand why you left, and I’m glad you made that decision before things got worse, because this story could have had a much shittier ending.

    You’re cute, be you, and honestly you seem like the kind of person that would make a cute friend.

  3. Anonymous

    Ahhh, so your saying that you are a dyke?
    That’s a shame, that photo is kinda cute and doable!
    I’m not really into chicks with short hair, but something about you is hot!

    If you ever wanna hook up with a man, than give me a holla!
    I’ll teach you to swallow! lol j/k

    The moron church is so fake and based entirely on a B.S. story some dbag created, anyone who is weak-minded enough to follow that psychotic hypocritical bullshit should be shot!

  4. Anonymous

    Also.. i just looked up the church.. and it says “masturbation makes u gay, at least according to the Mormon Church.” XD what a stupid church!

  5. Anonymous

    okay. My friend has depression. umm… so I know how to at least try to help. Also.. I personaly know wut its like to be a tomboii! XD I get odd looks from everyone who isnt family or friends. I finally got my hair cut short.. (ik that doesnt rlly matter) but uh yeah. I hate pink… and 1 of my best friends is a boiii!XD Also.. this doesnt rlly matter either.. but i fell into a lake testerday!! XDXD

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