So i come home from school (ima senior soon to graduate) and my mom says she got a call from my engineering teacher, me and that teacher had problems in the past but we talk about it before and got it fixed, so she calls telling my mom saying today in class i was (distracting a student cause i took heir computer but in reality i wasn’t because the student wasn’t distracted the only reason the teacher even found out is because the student*my friend* was loud and the teacher came over) and she also told my mom that i was missing assignments and that was all, my mom then starts yelling at me telling me that she doesn’t know what to do with me anymore and that im stressing her out with “teachers calling her” thats only happened twice” and saying this is everyday shit i tried to explain that it was my friend who said this and that it wasn’t serious and that i still got my work done, she continues telling me that i can chose to live with someone else (my biological father) and so on now because i still live with my mom she says i have to apply to her rules so she took my phone (yes i pay and work for it)but she said i wasnt showing her responsibility and thats why she too it so for the past month ive been watching how i talk to her ive been keeping my room nice and so on because those specific thing are the things she told me to do to get m phone back so i told her ive been doing everything ive been telling you to do and i gave her that same exact list so she storms to my room and is like look you have cloths on the railing and i go yeah thats my work cloths and she goes well i dont want those their and you know that an you dont work today so theirs no excuse and on my little coat hanger i had to sweaters she complained about that to ans shes still mad and bitchy so she tries to still act some type of way and was like other than that the rooms fine so her reason was im my opinion not that valid to keep my phone away so i said “see everything else is good im doing my school work my room is clean im waking up on a schedule on time for work and everything else so i am showing responsibilities” and she goes you know what im just not going to bother so thats where i kinda messed up and said yeah cause im right but then she comes at me and starts punching me and munching me non stop over and scratching me and i would never hit her back so im there taking the hits and trying to just block them with my arms but then she starts trying to just get on me and its at the point where shes literally fighting me but im not doing anything beside blocking her hits and telling her to stop and shes goes “yeah try to hit me so i can call the cops” then i said im not touching you and youre hitting me so go call the cops” and she says “ill lie to them and tell them you hit me first” so i was like go call the then” so i guess she got more mad from me saying that shes starts pulling my hair and bring me too her pulling my hair and punching me and im still of course not hitting her but try to get my self out of the position and grab her arm and try to get them of my head he fingers managed to slip and got of but then she runs back to me and does literally the same thing and screams i hate you, and your fucking mouth” so thats the point were i push her of of me noting to crazy though she doesn’t fall or anything just to get off of me and the runs downstairs and yells at me telling me that shes going to tell my dad, i just want to know was all that really necessary like even when she was hitting me i wasn’t mad it was more annoying she even got a hit on my back and right now im seeing a physical therapist for my back because its fucked up but yeah thats my rant lmao i didnt really proof read just ranted sorry for any spelling mess ups too btw