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Why is my sis so dramatic

It feels like everything I do upsets her recently. I get a little mad and argue? IM the issue. I’m yelling. Not just me. Her boyfriend slips up a little bit and suddenly she’s ready to cry. She’s over emotional and a salty bitch half the time. And she shuts me down every time I try to do something about it. I have also started developing friendships with some of her enemies because I’m really chill I can handle shit they through my way but she can’t and she hates them. I love her but she is so annoying most times.




Bro gets on my nerves

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  1. Anonymous

    I hope your relationship with your sis works out. Does she inherit this from someone in your family, perhaps? Maybe talk it out, which is a common piece of advice, but it does work. Either way, she’ll grow up, either by her will or by force

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