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Why the HELL

Why the hell do all the truly good guys go to women who DO not love them… I mean what the heck is it that some woman, who rarely gives a shit, come in and rallyl so that the love of my life – caves.

I guess that says it all! The love of your life caves to his wife.. Where does that leave you? ON THE OUT SIDED _ YOU ARE NOTHING TO HIM. He has chose. You are at home, he AND HIS WIFE- are at the hospital.. You have a man who would like to be with you, who cares for you, who you can’t stand, who wants to screw you, whom you can’t stand…. Whats a girl to do? Life SUCKS!


Fat and what


Ice-cold Granddaughter

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  1. Anonymous

    Find a guy that isn’t married for starters. A married man belongs to his wife. Chances are if he’s cheating on her , he’ll cheat on you as well.

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