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Why the hell do all the truly good guys go to women who DO not love them… I mean what the heck is it that some woman, who rarely gives a shit, come in and rallyl so that the love of my life – caves.

I guess that says it all! The love of your life caves to his wife.. Where does that leave you? ON THE OUT SIDED _ YOU ARE NOTHING TO HIM. He has chose. You are at home, he AND HIS WIFE- are at the hospital.. You have a man who would like to be with you, who cares for you, who you can’t stand, who wants to screw you, whom you can’t stand…. Whats a girl to do? Life SUCKS!


Fat and what


Ice-cold Granddaughter


  1. Anonymous

    Find a guy that isn’t married for starters. A married man belongs to his wife. Chances are if he’s cheating on her , he’ll cheat on you as well.

    • Ugly duck.

      Could not have said it better myself. I will not judge the op she hasn’t posted enough information ro know whether or not she was aware the whole time that this douche was married but i will say this.

      Married men no matter how miserable and unhappy they claim to be very rarely leave their wife for the other woman.

      If the op thinks she is so special that her married lover is just going to up and leave his wife for her or that he would never cheat on her like he is doing now then she is delusional.

      If her lover is willing to risk destroying his marriage to his current wife by running around with her then chances are he will do the same to the op when he gets bored with her.

      My advice to the op. Gain some self respect and find a nice single guy wbo is able to make a comittment to you.

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