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I go to church but I’m frustrated because I see so much division, groups and gossip about each other. That is a place where you’re supposed to be kind and concentrating on the sermon, praise, and class, I’m angry at you for being so passive. At the very least during sessions you nod your head or just shrug when you’re faith is questioned and even when there’s a sermon of not gossiping you bow your heads and put your hands together to pray yet the moment you step out of the chapel you go off to gossip with others about others in that same church. I’m mad at how you all curse at each other as if it’s nothing, I don’t like how you put this around fun, or social life when that is not the purpose of this place. I’m frustrated that I can’t do much about it either, but I try my best. I hate it when people think this is fine. I hate it that they don’t do anything about it because they don’t think there’s anything wrong




Polices piss me off


  1. Allie212002

    Well somebody finally said it. I see this in my church too and it makes me so sad cuz we’re the ones who are supposed to be an example for others. I sometimes find my very friends doing it and I reprimand them. Sometimes they don’t see what we’ve turned church into.

  2. LOVE

    We don’t know if Christ is dissapointed for we are not him but He’s inside of us Yeah, I can feel and hear him inside… I love him that is something to say because he loves us too, some people there don’t know that and always forget that they’re loved… They don’t know how great is Jesus too not just a saviour who loves you He is something more, He’s not just on the past He is alive on Present too. We Christians can talk to priest sometimes you know not just thinkwhat’s wrong with people… God is watching He’s the one going to judge because He is always there watching… All we need to be is to be wise at good and be innocent at bad….. Because He will took care of the bad…

  3. Hayley

    I feel you. I am a strong Christian within my own heart but I have tried so many churches and just stopped going altogether because of these things. I hope I can find one I like someday but I mean, it doesn’t even say you have to go to church in the bible anyway. Jesus talked all the time about the hypocrisy He saw in churches and amazingly enough it is still prevalent today, and it is understandable to be frustrated.

  4. Anonymous

    your never going to find peace in a building nor will you find Christ there… your body is the temple of god , the spirit of him lays with in you.. if you truly want to find god look with in yourself

  5. Anonymous

    Christ would be disappointed.

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