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Women Are Evil

I’ve always been a progressive dude. I was even a feminist for a long time. Anyway, I’ve always been awkward. But as I grew more social skills, I became more social, and I would get laid once in a blue moon.

I started balding at 25. After that, women don’t approach me anymore. This hurt my feelings. But then I started reading studies on how shallow and vapid women are. Women (my age) even admit it online that they will not date a young balding guy. I am 28 now and haven’t been laid in 3 years.

Everything sucks. I feel like if women weren’t so sexually liberated, I’d be getting laid more. But now that women can be more expressive sexually, it’s allowed them to be more shallow. I am now an anti-feminist. I can’t ever get laid so might as well fight feminism. Once I get a girlfriend I’ll get off the internet.

I feel like we need to end feminism so I can finally find a girlfriend.


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  1. Anonymous

    You do realize that feminism represents equality, right?
    Good look getting a lady friend. Your attitude is the problem, not your balding head. Most women don’t approach men anyways, we like to be approached. Stop whining and put yourself out there. I am a 27 year old woman and you sound to me like a 15 year old child. Women are very good at perceiving intentions and can read right through how you carry yourself. Clearly, you exuberate that you think no woman desires you. We can smell that from a mile away, and let me tell you…. it doesn’t smell pretty. Confidence and kindness are attractive, try it.

  2. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it better for women to be “sexually liberated” as you call it? Maybe if they lower their standards hard enough, someone will date you.

    That last sentence made me laugh and think of Chris-chan. Go back to your dakimakura and use your tears to help yourself jerk off another lonely night.

  3. Anonymous

    The point and value of women it is not so you can get laid, women are not sex machines or objects there to please men, and choosing not to and being able to choose not to its not a bad thing, human rights are so much more important than that, because others are not made to serve us

    Also, evryone is different, there are different women, amd different guys, I have quite the amount of bald friends and all of them actually have found themselves able to get stable girlfriends

    You may just be hanging out around spcial circles that just arent meeting your expectations

    You may be frustrated with things in ypur life, but I do hope you can see past that and realize that groups of people and humans always deswrve respect and being treated equally, and that you being personally frustrated is not a reason to try denying others their freedom, I’m sure you wouldn’t like that to happen to you

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