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Women suck, Humans suck, and so do Men suck

Stop pretending you don’t. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re not even mad her standards are “too high”, because if she opened her legs to more things that came before her, that wouldn’t improve how you see her. It might actually turn you off, don’t even lie. Men chasing virgins and younger women exists for a reason…. Selective pressures.

You’re mad she don’t find you attractive, and I get that. You don’t think it sucks for any guy to not be the ideal? The problem is that you invest time and energy into becoming more attractive, in ways that end in your disappointment. Wasted investments are just that, wasted investments. Stop investing.

Don’t give services of a husband to random women, much less those you wish to date. Stop paying for women you don’t know on dates, I don’t care if chivalry is expected of you; if she’s into you, do you really think she’s going to care whether or not you paid for her meal? No, she will not.

I get it, I’m the guy that looks like a teenager in his late twenties. I get creepy chicks wanting to do shit behind closed doors, none of which I find to be wife material, so I blow them off. I want to find someone willing to become a mother, who I won’t fear will end up molesting my children. Nor do I want someone who will settle for me, then rape the hell out of me in divorce and child custody courts; and neither do you. If that hot woman you so badly wants settles for you, and ends up resenting that decision, you know that will be the result; its when not if….. women are human too.

Remember, sexual frustration sucks. That’s 99.999% of why you’re angry about this, and that sucks. We all deal with it.

The good news is that you don’t need game, and if social skills and everything else was really the object these self help gurus say it is, then serial killers wouldn’t get the love letters they get (from chicks you wouldn’t even want… but still….). The bad boy gets the girl myth is just a myth, the bad boy gets trash that falls to his/her feet, because she wants undue power. Those self-help gurus, they just want you to feel worse about yourself so that you’ll earn them a living buy buying their products, or just to have someone be as miserable as them.

Life sucks. I get it. It wasn’t designed for comfort. Otherwise, there’d be no imperative pushing us all to reproduce.


I hate life, it literally sucks. Period.



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  1. Just a guy

    This was a good read. You made me think about myself for longer than I want to admit. Thank you for sharing. I hope you’ll find a kind, loving person to share your life with.

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