The owner of my company is such a pain to work with. He is unavailable and gives you grief if you make a decision or can’t get an answer to him quick enough. I fill in for all the other women in the office on their vacations with no thank you’s and all of them have received a raise in the past 3 years but me no. I can’t stand working here but I am stuck because of the wages being lower because of the economy crap. I can’t stand coming here and can’t wait until 5 and I secretly hope the place burns to the ground. I sit next to a moron who works 1/4 as hard as I do and her laugh has made it so I have to sit with earplugs and the radio loud just to keep my sanity. Please Lord let me find a way out of here and stop hitting me with so many bad things which make me have to stay. Car repairs, equipment repairs, daughters needing help… 🙁 I feel like an emotionally beaten employee. He treats the rest of us like crap except for his 3 favorites. Thanks for listening.