For the holidays, one of my friends asked me if she could drop a few things at my apartment because she’s moving. I agreed and she gave me her bags. Except that what she didn’t tell me is that there were tiny FUCKING cockroaches in her bags! Now, I have to clean and bleach my entire house, and I’m considering burning it down or killing her because WHAT A BITCH. I know she isn’t as big as me on cleaning and all (I clean my house every weekend) but COME ON! When you ask someone to keep your stuff, at least have the decency to check for those kinds of things: wash your clothes, dust out your bags and fucking spray. Here I am, completely paranoid about those fuckers and knee-deep in bleach, Clorox, Baygon and all sorts of cleaning/ disinfecting agents, and all she finds to say is: “Oh, I’m really sorry I didn’t check.” FOR FUCK’S SAKE!