When the holidays roll around, I am the driving force to get things decorated in the apartment. I try to at least get my husband involved in picking decorations and where to place them, but he usually just leave it up to me.

So this weekend, despite feeling sick, I pushed myself to start decorating for Christmas after slowly getting some decoration together. I finally got the tree done in unbreakable ornaments (as my husband and I agreed on). Red and green bulbs with white snowflakes and candy canes. I put a lot of effort into making it look nice.

My thanks? “Take off the snowflakes. Why aren’t the ornaments more vibrant? We should put on colored lights.”

And my roommate tells me the tree is “too uniform” and vaguely suggested the number of each color ornament on the tree, not seeming to notice that they are a mixture of styles. Both missed the point that I’d worked hard to get the decorations up when they were otherwise occupied and made me feel like I’d somehow messed things up.

I’ve decided that I’m not changing anything. I will put a few more ornaments on, but I won’t take any off. And I’m not opposed to constructive criticism, but they didn’t offer any. And this was all after I asked for their opinions for weeks. Now the work is done and suddenly they care oh so much.

The only thing I can do is put down the tree skirt, turn on the lights, and hope they will appreciate it more.