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Write your name for cancer – DO SOMETHING MORE

I hate it when people post on sc or whatever ‘write your name for cancer’ and then write their name. It’s not THAT that annoys me its that they don’t do anything to help it. They write their name but their not doing anything to contribute their not donating, not raising awareness or anything like that their just putting it on their story because it makes them look like a good person and maybe they are but it just annoys me that they don’t donate or do anything to help.


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He Was More Then a Human, But Lower Then Humanity

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  1. Lakesha

    about me subtly bashing HD. Th#1e&e82r7;s nothing subtle about it, in stock form HD big twins are underpowered, under-braked (until recently), too heavy, and can be downright dangerous due to their underwhelming performance envelope. This is not heresy, it’s the truth.Good talking to you guys.

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