So, I love to write, I am actually working on what I personally think could be a really good book! But that means that I have to put time and energy into this. My brother understands that, and gets that it wears me out a little. My parents on the other hand, makes sure to constantly tell me that it’s a stupid dream and that I need to get over it. They say that I have no reason to be tired or emotionally drained whenever I’ve been writing for a good amount of time.

This annoys me a lot because I’m home from school since it’s summer, but I still have work in the weekends, but on the weekdays I use most of my time writing.
When my mum or dad comes home from work they always yell at me for not being productive. If I wrote three or four chapters that day, I view myself as productive.
My brother however, comes home from work and goes straight to my room to listen to what I’ve written. My parents say it’s stupid, but we really bond and connect.

That was all.