Today’s Rant: WTF is up with millennials? I am counting down the days to be done with my part-time office job mostly because of the two young women who I work with. It is really sad for me to actually state that I have a huge dislike for both of them. They are both in their 20’s and have no idea about how to talk to people in a respectful and nice manner. I have noticed that they both have a lack of respect for people who are older then them (not only myself) and seem to have a sense of entitlement, that carries through with everything that they do/say.

I do have hope for this next wave of graduates that will be applying for and working in the private sector as I launch two of my own children into the mix. I am aware of and disgusted with the current fabric of our society that we have all created. It is an era of needlessly celebrating “graduates” from 2nd grade and so on, giving out undeserved carrots is never a good thing. I’m afraid that we have created young adults who don’t know how to be adults. I do have hope that society will tell these smart mouthed, snarky young adults that they are not the best and that they may need to fail and figure out how to pick themselves up, brush themselves off and get out from behind all that messed up social media and that they need to RESPECT people. Ugh!!!!