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some people are so stupid it makes me angry and I need to get this off my chest so I don’t offend anyone so everyone can remain completely oblivious. how can truck drivers be so incredible stupid I mean you probable shouldn’t drive 20 over the speed limit when you are caring a heavy load while its raining logic suggest you might not be able to break right and ruin peoples lives. also who ever text messages and drives or talks and drives is a complete idiot. the road tends to twist and turn occasional and people tend to apply brakes. plus some cars don’t drive well and the reason someone may be going slower than the speed limit might be because they are playing it smart and don’t want to die today. If you would like to buy me a nicer car, I would not object the one I drive now shakes uncontrollable when I hit 65 so I tend to stay under that and drive in the slow lane not the fast one, just saying the speed limit on that road is 60 not 80, dumbass.


That friend you love normally till she implies your a stick.

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  1. Anonymous

    Learn to drive on side streets then or stop crying and learn to drive.

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