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Younger Sibling Ruins 18th Birthday

I turned 18 on November 10th. Before and during the entire dinner party my 11 year old sibling was sapping up all the attention. Nuzzling and hugging mother. Which she reciprocated. He knew what he was doing. When we came home we didn’t cut into my cake because we were so full. Then the next day, after dinner, my brother says “I want that cake.” Knowing full well I haven’t gotten my first slice yet. When I finished my dinner I came in and saw my father handing my brother the first slice of the entire cake. It really hurt seeing that. dad asked if I wanted any. I lost all appetite for my cake on the spot. So I left and went into my room and had a cry. While leaving dad muttered “I’ll Take that as a no… geez.” Everyone else dug into the cake.

New record: amount of times I’ve shed tears in one day.

“Happy major milestone to me!”

Throughout my life my little brother has been the root of all my problems. Manipulating my parents by “innocently” saying things like “Man, that soda looks really tasty.” repeatedly till someone gives it to him. Talking back to my parents and throwing a fit at the slightest reprimand. When he (rarely) gets told off for being a jerk he says “well, you shouldn’t have made me do my chores.” Me and him can go weeks and months without speaking. Then being buddy buddy. But then I ask him to stop doing something and he goes off on me, being a total gremlin.

It’s been like this since he was born. Totally trampling on me. Taunting and insulting me. Whispering things under his breath while walking by. When he was younger he was more physical about it. Kicking and pinching me. And bit me once. If I tell my mother about she tells me to “give it to him” (do the things he does to me back at him) but if I do anything verbally to upset him, she yells at me and saying “you’re the older one here. Act like it! He’s my little baby boy!”

The 17th we are going to actually do something for my birthday. But last time we went somewhere for my birthday, my sibling threw a fit and afterwards took one of my parents off with him and the other was on their phone the whole time. I was very alone. I’m terrified my brother might do the same this year.





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  1. Anonymous

    Dang, sorry you have to go through this. I hope the 17th is a good day for you.

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