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“You’re embarrassing us!”

So, my parents like to taste fruits before buying them; and not the fruits from inside the packaging, but fruits left on the shelves that we know that won’t be bought because they’re not packaged at all and thrown out into the garbage at the end of the sale date.
Although I don’t try fruits myself, I think that even if someone taste one fruit from inside a open package, it’s not considered stealing because that’s called sampling and it’s also a form of marketing. If the product isn’t good, why bother buying it in the first place only for you to trash it in the garbage? It’s a waste of money and time if you do buy the untried product.

Recently, my parents went to a one of the grocery chain and they were shopping for strawberries, grapes, watermelon, etc. They also don’t carry around baskets because they know they don’t buy that much in one store, so my parents stopped at the fruit section, tried the grape, didn’t taste good, tried the other type of grape, tasted too sour, and tried the green grape, they were all bad. They then went to the watermelon, tapped each until finding the perfect one. They stopped at the strawberries, tried one, loved the taste, picked it up and put it in the basket.

That’s when a man approached telling us, “you’re embarrassing us.” He spoke in the same language as us so he was referring to “our” people and/or country.

My mom told him, “… okay.” She was going to stop tasting the fruits anyway since we were done shopping and we thought that would be the end of that.

But then he goes on to say, “I’ve been watching you and you’ve been trying the fruits nonstop.” — meaning that he’s been watching our family for half an hour (we also grabbed some veggies).

My mom looks him in the eye and tells him, “mind your own business.”

I’m thinking, “is he a stalker?” I mean, this guy has a wife and a kid; and they think it’s okay for the father of their family to continuously watch as another family shop?

The wife goes, “aren’t you embarrassed of yourselves?”

Then the husband says to us that he was calling the manager and that it’s wrong for us to taste the fruits before buying. When the argument get heated, he tells us that he’d call the cops too.

The family leaves, and we pay for our stuff. The manager comes to talk to us while I see the family exit out of the building. The manager tells us that the guy talked to him real funny and we have a good laugh, then we exit out of the building and make our way toward the car.

It turns out that the family was parked near us, so it make it easy for the guy to come to us while we’re loading the stuff we bought. He demands to know why we were quick to leave the store and shit, then leaves to load his own stuff into his van.

So… uhh,,, yeah, that happened.


“Your dog is dying inside of your car!”


Rude Hispanic Woman

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  1. trixi

    sounds like your doing a good job of it all on your own embarrassing yourselves !

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