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You’re poor because you’re lazy

I have some friends, had a kid in high school, no college degree, and they CONSTANTLY stress about money. They are behind on their rent, but that doesn’t stop them from keeping their high-speed internet and video streaming stuff. Well, the wife doesn’t want a full-time job because childcare would be more than she would make atm. I found a job that gives her 2 more hours a day while still being part-time and getting off when their kid gets out of school. Her response was “Well my job is 9-1 so I couldn’t work both.” Like no shit, you would work the BETTER one, the one that has pay raises, the one that has school reimbursement. Like if you can’t work an extra 2 hours a day and walk away with an extra $135 dollars a week then what are you doing? You were LITERALLY just complaining about all the debt you have.

And the Husband, this is his 3rd full-time job, had 2 that paid better before that he quit with no notice. Jobs that actually expected him to do work instead of being on his phone.

I hope their kid sees how NOT to be and gets the hell out of there. Only 12 years left for that kindergartener.


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  1. Anonymous

    You sound like a shitty friend

  2. Anonymous

    Why don’t you go jerk-off a family member and leave these people alone.

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