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Youtube is unfair..

Okay.. Here is the thing. I am a Youtuber. It’s not an easy job, But the real problem is the amount of work I put into my content. I have been working seriously hard at this for three months. I have 72 subscribers.

Youtube owes me $2:36…. I get views,, In my analytics my watch time is Six days. eight hours.. That means people around the world have watched the content I create for a total of six days and eight hours. Youtube owes me $ 2.36 cents for this.. I have created and uploaded seventy two videos, Each one took me ranging from four hours editing to sometimes several days.. it’s an insane amount of work for so little pay off.

I do excellent topics and I do pull down many viewers. I do science and entertainment topics. Everyone I know that I speak to tells me, Wow,, You have seventy two subs and you have only been at this for three months..
They tell me how good i’m doing, and how great it is that i’m SOOO successful at this for the short time i’ve been at this..

But the problem is. I’ve worked so hard at this.. And I have so little to show for it. Am I supposed to jump up and down in excitement that I only have seventy two subs? or that youtube owes me a whopping $2.36? This is insane.. I sat up at night and went without sleep working on these videos twenty four hours a day. and this is the pay off for all that work?

How is it that my content is as well edited as it is, that it’s television quality, people keep telling me how great my content is. But I have nothing to show for it.. It sucks so much,, I’ve worked so hard to get where I am, I’ve wored so hard at this, i’ve made myself sick.. going without sleep, without eating, without spending time with my family. And seventy two subscribers and a couple of dollar is all i have to show for all that work.. It’s insane.. Then, To top all of this, There are channels ran by little teenage girls that get on their and giggle and put on makeup and they only have like five videos and none of those videos are edited at all.. and they have twenty six thousand subscribers!!! It makes me want to just give up… I can’t take this crap, it’s just to much…..


I need help


I really hate my In Laws

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  1. AlyesRock

    agree rhis is sucks! i make a good content with a good quality i upload weekly but i get no views

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